‘Rwanda Charity Eye Hospital’ is a charitable eye hospital that was opened in November 2018. The new eye hospital will offer a wide range of eye examinations and treatments, to patients from all socio-economic backgrounds. Rwanda Charity Eye Hospital wants to make high quality eye care accessible to all and especially to the underprivileged. After the initial investment, self-sustainability should be obtained through a 'cross subsidy model': care for patients with better paying health insurances should subsidize care for underprivileged patients.

Dr Piet Noë, a Belgian eye surgeon, has been working in Rwanda for 9 years and took the initiative to start this new eye hospital. Rwanda is a well-organized and safe country in East-Africa. Rwanda is developing fast, but there is a big need for more eye care for the fast-growing population.

A wide range of ophthalmic examinations and treatments in ophthalmology will be offered: cataract surgery (phaco-emulsification and MSICS), vitreoretinal surgery, pediatric eye surgeries, squint corrections, glaucoma treatment, eye cancer treatment, eyelid and orbital surgery. Elderly patients as well as premature babies will receive eye treatment.

The new eye hospital will also offer the possibility to young Rwandan eye doctors to have a practical, surgical training. Bilateral cataract is still the most important cause of blindness in Rwanda. Cataract surgical training is important if cataract blindness is to be eradicated.  Also, ophthalmic clinical officers will be welcome for a practical training. The construction of the hospital is going on and the new hospital should be operational from January 2018 on.