Who we are


Edwin Jeanty Van Der Spek

Edwin was born in 1963 and is a tax lawyer. In 2011, Edwin had an accident while playing tennis. He damaged his retina and was in need of sugery. During his recovery, he decided to contribute to the treatment of retinal problems. He counseled the foundation of the Retina Repair Foundation. Given his background and experience, Edwin is engaged in the day-to-day legal and financial management of the Foundation.


Marc Veckeneer

Marc Veckeneer (o1969) received his medical degree from the Leuven University in 1994. For his specialty education in ophthalmology he trained at the University Hospital Leuven, Torbay Hospital (UK) and the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. After a one year fellowship he joined the medical staff in Rotterdam as vitreoretinal surgeon in 2000. 

Marc has combined a strong commitment to patient care and a fascination for complex retinal surgery with a continued interest for research which has resulted in more than 30 peer reviewed articles in medical journals as well as presentations at numerous national and international conferences.
As member of the retina service in Rotterdam, Marc was involved in the retina subspecialty surgical training of many ophthalmologists from several countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Rwanda.
As part of his sabbatical leave during the fall of 2013, Marc participated in the startup of a fully operational surgical retina service at the Kabgayi Eye Unit in Rwanda. The Retina Repair Foundation was set up in order to improve the availability of surgical retina care in developing countries.

After 15 years in the retina service in Rotterdam, Marc now works in Middelheim Hospital as a member of the Antwerp retina associates.

He lives in Dordrecht with his wife Annik and his sons Arno, Victor and Frederik. 



Koen van Overdam

Koen received his medical degree from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He completed his residency in ophthalmology at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital, The Netherlands. He also completed a fellowship in retinal surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital and at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital.
He is a retinal surgeon at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital since 2005, specialized in the surgical treatment of retinal vascular pathology, like vascular tumors, the visualization and removal of vitreous during retinal surgery and the role of vitreous cortex remnants in the development of proliferative vitreoretinopathy. He is also involved in the development of new instruments and techniques to improve retinal surgery, such as intra-ocular diathermy forceps and vitreous wiping using the vitreous wipe.
In 2012, Koen took three months off to help colleagues abroad, like in Nepal and the Philippines, to set up and improve retinal surgery. Since then he annually visits fellow retinal surgeons to help them with retinal surgery, he has been to Vietnam, Rwanda, Suriname, Curacao and Belarus.